bespoke designs

The hardest part is deciding what you want.

bespoke designs

The hardest part is deciding what you want.

Make Your Dream Surround

If you cannot see a surround you like from our extensive range, don’t worry, we can design a surround to your specifications.
 Give us an idea of your dream fire surround and we will create an image for you to view. Our aim is to give our customers exactly what they want; by offering this bespoke service we believe we can offer you an unlimited choice of surrounds. The only hard part is picking what you want. 

Gazco Studio 3 with Granite Slips

This picture shows a Studio 3 Gas Fire with Granite Slips. The slips frame the fire perfectly, plus we fully recommend having slips with a wall mounted Gas Fire.

Azul Surround

Our client wanted a minimalist surround to fit the DRU Maestro Surround. They settled on a design made in Azul Limestone.

Backlit Inglenook

We designed a large Inglenook to accommodate a freestanding stove. To add interest we added recessed lights to emphasise the Oyster Chamber Set.

Bordeaux 78"

A client wanted the Bordeaux Suite making 78 inches wide with the Reflex 75T Gas Fire. This image shows the surround in their living room.

Michigan Suite with a Relfex 75T

The Michigan Suite was made bigger to accommodate the large Reflex 75T Gas Fire. We also added Granite Slips to compliment the White Marble os the Suite.

11th Century Inglenook

Our client's house had an inglenook that dated from the 11th Century. We designed a fireplace that complimented the original design of the house.